Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dr. Cox is a pioneer in sentinel lymph node biopsy and lymphatic mapping. He helped develop the techniques used by physicians everywhere to minimize the number of lymph nodes taken out of breast cancer patients undergoing surgery. Before this, it was standard for patients to have all of their axillary (arm pit) lymph nodes removed. This put large numbers of breast cancer patients at high risk for developing lymphedema.

Even with newer techniques for surgical treatment and detection of metastatic cancer, those being treated for breast cancer still have an increased risk for developing lymphedema.Watch the videos below to learn about what lymphedema is and how it can be managed.

Here are some helpful exercise and stretching tips. You can find more of these stretches and exercises on the breastcancersister's Youtube channel.


A quick overview of how to self massage as part of the prevention and management of lymphedema.

Go to our website for more helpful information on lymphedema.

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